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Valerian S. • Posted on 9/14/2021 • General

Please pray for my friendship with my best friend, my friendship with her broke off because i messaged her at night 11 pm when she was sleeping and her mother got angry on me, I don't know what to do, please pray for me, we used to serve the Lord together through social media evangelism and now all that has stopped, I need your prayers to reconcile this friendship with my best friend, I did not want to break this friendship now I can only pray for reconciliation and wait for my breakthrough.

In June I went home to apologize to my best friend and her mother but her mother got angry on me

It has been 7 month now since our friendship broke off, I miss my friend alot, please pray for God to reconcile our friendship as soon as possible, as I am become weary in waiting but praying and pushing forward in the hope of a breakthrough soon, i request you to please pray for the reconciliation of our friendship, Thank you and God Bless you, I am grateful to you for praying, I will share my testimony, when i receive the breakthrough.

Somtochukwu O. • Posted on 8/29/2021 • General

1. I want the Favour of God to manifest in my Life, Destiny and Academics.

2. I want GOD to grant me success in my visa application to study abroad.

3. I want GOD to give me and my Family a very long life just like he gave Methuselah in the Bible.

4. I want the protection of GOD for me and my Family against satanic and demonic powers, witches and wizards, untimely death, principalities and every other evil plans of Satan and his cohorts

5. I want GOD to give me and my Family the grace to make Heaven.

6. I want to GOD to me excel and succeed in very good things I do.

7. I want GOD to make me the first and never the last. I want GOD to make me the head and never the tail.

8. I want GOD to make me prosperous and extremely wealthy and successful.

9. I want to be GOD's Property

Nonceba M. • Posted on 8/19/2021 • General

Iam asking for prayer My 3year old grand daughter is coming down with a Respiratory virus infection.Her name is Sunny. Jackson. She just started going to the day care and kids have this virus She feels miserable .Am asking for Gods grace ,protection and healing My name is Nonceba (grandmother)

Anonymous • Posted on 8/13/2021 • General

Dear Pastor ,

Please pray urgent for my daughter , Thuc Quyen ( 5 years old ) , she has attacked continuously by evils in my house ( this is old house ,
father and my brothers and sister use witchcrafts long time ) satan cause T Q fall many times without reason ,she is damaged and pain , control she clutter ( hide the keys ,spill oil on the ground , do some dangerous things : turn around many circle and fall down her head on ground , take the medicament to play , touch the electronic soucre ........ )
.she have not go to the kindergarten 3 months and out of home due to Covid .

Please pray destroy evils cause the conflict and angry , disease , kill and destroy in the name of Jesus .she have not go to the kindergarten 3 months due to Covid .

please pray God bless peace , heath for Thuc Quyen amd my family . The city we are living block due to Covid . I have new power from God to continue the road God want ,

please God healed Thu from the disoder of mental .

Dung , Hoang , Lien , Thuan , Sang use witchcraft , go with satan to cause disease , harm the others . please pray them return God .

God bless you .

Anonymous • Posted on 7/30/2021 • General


My name is Arina, I want to pray for my brothers and sisters outside my family, I do believe that I have brothers and sisters outside my family. Please pray that they will get all happiness and every good thing from God.

Also please pray for me to get married soon and my partner Suvendu repents and walks in path of righteousness and accept Jesus as Lord.

Jonathan C. • Posted on 7/27/2021 • General

Healing and deliverance

Anonymous • Posted on 7/10/2021 • Money

Praise the Lord
I have debt to Landlord a huge amount. 4 years rent want to pay. I have no money to pay. Can you please pray for me to they deduct the amount and get rid from this huge debt.

Anonymous • Posted on 6/26/2021 • Crisis

Please pray for job blessings and financial doors and cancellation of huge debts.

Anonymous • Posted on 6/21/2021 • Career

Lord, please heal my husband for his obsessive compulsive disorder and bring him a job in this desperate job seeking period. in the name of Jesus, Amen.

Jeanette R. • Posted on 6/18/2021 • Money

Pastor Ryey, I have prayed and I have been prayed for, I do believe God. I need a Miracle. So one is trying to steal my inheritance. I am being horribly abused by my current landlord. They are spewing toxic fumes in the crawl spaces in the walls trying to force me to move. 27 years I've never been late with rent, never a complaint made against me. Someone moved in the house I was left in a will, trying to steal it. I need and want to move now. Please pray I need a right now Miracle. I need my house these people are trying to steal. My name is Jea'nette and my son is Isaiah I need God to do this right away for my mental as well as my currnet need. God Bless You and your ministry.

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