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Robert D. • Posted on 9/17/2021 • Education

Hi Pastor,
Please pray for my son Paul David who is having his final year examination for medicine on the 24th and 28th of September this year. Please pray that he remembers all that he studied and that Jesus gives him the confidence for this examination. Please pray the he does this examination very well and become a very good Doctor.
Please pray that the favour of God be upon my son and he gets grace to learn stuff all contents which is coming in the exams and be a good Doctor. He is so stressed now and God help with that too.

Anonymous • Posted on 4/11/2021 • Education

Please pray we are given good quality work on, work we love LORD GOD JEHOVAH. WORK. LOVE. Businesses and all other things prospering and profiting, doing really well. Plenty of all You love ABBA. Please love us and make us Yours HA SHEM. All things prayer for, please do all you love ELOHIM.

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