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Vijay Kumar J. • Posted on 11/26/2021 • Money

May my business prosper, May my ear stop watering, May my spiritual progress, May my home be blessed, May my family be blessed
Clear my Loan
You all pray for me

Caleb A. • Posted on 10/1/2021 • Money

Oh Lord, please grant me divine mercies and favors in all Iay my hands to do in these last quater of year 2021.
Oh Lord, please bless me financially and wipe away my tears and shame.
Oh Lord, please restore my spiritaul life, my academics, my career and marital life.
Oh Lord, please grant me and my family divine protection and shield us from every evil plan of the enemy.
Oh Lord, please come next month let nothing hinder my plans of traveling to the United Kingdom. Please make it possible for me.
In Jesus Name I Pray. AMEN.

Anonymous • Posted on 7/10/2021 • Money

Praise the Lord
I have debt to Landlord a huge amount. 4 years rent want to pay. I have no money to pay. Can you please pray for me to they deduct the amount and get rid from this huge debt.

Jeanette R. • Posted on 6/18/2021 • Money

Pastor Ryey, I have prayed and I have been prayed for, I do believe God. I need a Miracle. So one is trying to steal my inheritance. I am being horribly abused by my current landlord. They are spewing toxic fumes in the crawl spaces in the walls trying to force me to move. 27 years I've never been late with rent, never a complaint made against me. Someone moved in the house I was left in a will, trying to steal it. I need and want to move now. Please pray I need a right now Miracle. I need my house these people are trying to steal. My name is Jea'nette and my son is Isaiah I need God to do this right away for my mental as well as my currnet need. God Bless You and your ministry.

Omar T. • Posted on 5/24/2021 • Money

Beloved Brothers and Sisters:
My Prayer Request is that OUR LOVE GOD JEHOVAH, THE TRUEST LOVE, May Enter the Deepest of My Love Mind, Heart, Soul, Spirit and Body, so JESUS CHRIST Make Work All the Time Almightily Materially Rashly Designing JEHOVAH'S Creative Logotype to Love JESUS CHRIST, this Very Moment, the Way HE Loves HIMSELF, Constantly and Eternally.
Thanks a lot!
Blessings from THE FATHER to You All,
Omar Trigo.

immanuel s. • Posted on 5/18/2021 • Money

Dear brother please pray for my job security and financial commitments. In this month the project in which i am working is gona end nd they want to reduce the resources. Currently we dont have any other projects not sure what to do. I am only bread earner of the family.. I hv to take care of my old parents wife and son studies. Very much stressed and tensed due to this. Only god can do miracle and hope in him. He ca do impossible to possible. I have other financial commitments dont know how to handle it. Only gods grace and ur prayer can change my life in this situation . waiting for ur reply.Let my job be secured and safe with good salary

Tennesca H. • Posted on 4/18/2020 • Money

Hi My name Tennesca Howell I need prayer for my two sons 19,17 daughter 18 and just peace in my life I'm just having a diffcult time trying to get anything done right.Im tired of this life.

Diana H. • Posted on 10/26/2019 • Money

Prayers for my home

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