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Anonymous • Posted on 4/25/2021 • General

Please pray for my studies to Excell and pass my Bachelor's Degree in Office Management, I have been going through a hardship in the previous Semesters, I failed one module and requested to remark again and there has been delay up to now, this module is a hindrance for me to concentrate, Secondly I am deep in debts, I am struggling, I cant feed my family as before. I am the Breadwinner at home. Thirdly, Promotion to be sent overseas to work in our country Embassies in Europe. Fourthly, Healing in Kidney problems

Anonymous • Posted on 4/18/2021 • Depression

Thanks for prayers. If you can keep me in your prayers be appreciated. Pray please for my workplace to be one that is ethical, free from bullying and a productive and respectful place.

Still hurting a lot from betrayal from work friend/collegue who took me to court and falsely accused me in Dec 2020.

It has resolved but still feel hurt, angry and upset as didn't deserve it. Stood up for her always, helped her, prayed for her and above all told her the truth

She couldn't handle the truth as I told her what she was doing was wrong with her lifestyle choices hanging with bad people and doing drugs.

I told her the truth in love and said she needed help. Instead she falsely accused me the court case was dismissed but needless to say she betrayed me.

We have mutual friends I of course don't ask for anyone to take sides, but I still feel distressed about it. I stood up for her, defended her all the way and was loyal. I always did right by her.
It hurts how she treated me.

I am praying that she is repentant and one day takes responsibility for her lies and the trauma she put me through. She also impacted my loved ones, family and work.
It has been deeply distressing. I pray she is blessed as she feels like an enemy not a friend and above all hope she finds god. She knows god but rejects god as it is too hard for her to give up all the bad things she is doing.
I am struggling with hurt from above. Please also pray for my marriage.

God bless sisters from Australia.

Anonymous • Posted on 4/15/2021 • Career

im a final year graduate. im looking for campus placement. i really worked very hard. but im not getting any job. i feel like im left over. and my college is getting over soon. once it completes it ll be very hard for me to get a job. im hoping church prayer team will see this mail and pray for me .please kindly pray for me to show out in my life to show his goodness, favour, mercy. Praise the Lord . Thank you

Anonymous • Posted on 4/11/2021 • Education

Please pray we are given good quality work on, work we love LORD GOD JEHOVAH. WORK. LOVE. Businesses and all other things prospering and profiting, doing really well. Plenty of all You love ABBA. Please love us and make us Yours HA SHEM. All things prayer for, please do all you love ELOHIM.

Charlotte A. • Posted on 4/9/2021 • Drug Abuse

Greetings prayer warriors and saints of the most High God. I desperately need prayer for my grandson His name is Rickey Lee Archibald and he in prison in Alabama. He has become addicted to drugs there in that
place. I need help to continue in prayer for him. I don't want to loose him to the enemy, he needs to be delivered before he looses his life. Rev Charlotte Archibald patience is a virtue

Horace M. • Posted on 2/6/2021 • General

I have parkinson's my name is horace miller

Michael T. • Posted on 12/5/2020 • General

My mom is positive and she have fever and chills. Her name is Gweneth Tanner. I'm positive too and my dad. I have antibody and fever and chills. My dad and he's type 2 diabetes and he positive. I'm from Baytown TX outside of Houston on the east side.

Jermel M. • Posted on 10/3/2020 • Marriage

I ask that you pray for my marriage to be restored Jermel and Farrah Mclin and that God give me income during this hard time to pay bills thank you.

Aisha J. • Posted on 9/12/2020 • Career

I am asking for your prayers, desperately needing this opportunity on my job for thus situation on my job to have a steady schedule to benefit my daughter and mother. I interviewed in March 6 2020 before the shutdown due to the pandemic. It's been over 6 months since the interview. Pray that I am blessed with this opportunity before this year is out. Thanks sooo very much

Anonymous • Posted on 8/15/2020 • Crisis

to be cover by our heavenly father blood on today's journey waiting on the Lord to moving on the situation with my neighbor are planning on shooting me because I prayer all the time I'm dealing with the spirit of mental illness. just a little tried of waiting I continue to press in to this presents thank you so much for the prayer and with transportation on the road's and highways

Prayer Answered!

Saturday, August 15, 2020: I.m save at the age 15 years go I continue to move reward in my relationship with the father this ware I'm at this moment please be a blessings to other's

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